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Transforming Cities.

Changing Lives.

Churches That Make a Difference.

With your help, we can see spiritual renewal
reach the tipping point in North America.

As the mission leader in your local church

You want to lead so that you have a significant Kingdom impact. We understand that it is your passion and responsibility to make your relational and resource investments count. Every partnership matters. As you consider a relationship with SLN keep these facts in mind:

| Church planting makes a difference for all involved!

Biblical Church planting is “the single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven (Peter Wagner).” Church plants who focus on evangelism and disciple making have a high return on real life change because they target new generations, new residents and new people groups.  Be a church who helps to plant churches directly.  Churches who plant churches not only make a difference missionaly, but it also has a profound impact on your own church understanding the priority of thinking beyond itself for generations to come.

| At SLN, we focus our work on difficult and hard to reach cities in North America

Our planters are pioneers who are establishing faith communities in places who generally have less than 10% of their population engaged in an evangelical church. When the best leaders are engaged and focused on the places that have significant potential for life change that almost always equals high impact.

| We find the best planters suited for the mission

Let’s be honest, we know that a huge part of success is about having the right leader. Rest assured that our recommended planters and their wives are vetted, interviewed and screened over months. We are constantly looking for the best of the best who exemplify humility, resilience and calling. Our lead planters have a passion for real spiritual formation rooted in the Bible, are exceptional communicators and are driven by the mission for people to experience the love of God. And yes, they are strategic.

| Our planters are well coached and well resourced

With over 15 years of experience in planting churches in difficult context our network has learned a lot. Some of our learning has been by wisdom. Some of our learning has been by experience. But we share it all. Our SLN staff team and regional leaders do not hold back in giving our planters every bit of insight, information and training that can help save our planters some of the learning curve that comes with seeing a church established in a hard to reach city. Site visits, coaching calls, cohorts, training videos and our annual gathering are all built around best practices and coaching the planter through the next season. Our focus is on the long haul and a bit of our secret sauce is that we relationally coach longer than any other planting network.

| We value relationships

Our network is small in size but big on connection. Our planters need a family that “holds the rope” for them as they do the hard work. We invite you into learning with us, praying with us and we give full access to a community of leaders that is on mission together.

| When you partner strategically and financially with SLN, your money goes to work where it can make a difference

Because of the generosity of our Board and our founding church, 100% of what you give to SLN goes directly to planter support. As the cost of living and ministry is very expensive in the cities where we are planting, we want our planters to be funded well so that they can focus on the people that God has called them to reach.

By God’s grace, our churches are thriving and multiplying. With over 50 churches established since 2005, our network has recorded a 90% rate of planting success. For our churches, spiritual impact that changes a city is the goal.

Become a partner and help us make a difference!

A partnership with SLN has big Benefits

  • You get access to our invitational-only SLN Annual gathering and celebration
  • Constant networking and connection to strategic leaders who are learning and sharing their leadership lessons in the local church
  • A ready-made and proven strategy for National mission partnerships with direct relationships to planting churches
  • Quarterly communication from SLN on the stories, status and needs of church plants that you can share with your congregation
  • Invites to yearly vision trips that allow you to see and experience the work of SLN church plants
  • Access to Strategic Launch Network resources including coaching videos, online training and other SLN resource partner events

Interested in becoming a Partner?